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Visualize your ideal web site. Is it full of information, like a book? Or is it jam packed with lots of products and/or services to sell, like a store? Whatever it may be, it will take alot of time and preparation to set up, as if it were a real book or store. The nice thing is, there is not alot of heavy lifting involved.

First, you will need to fill out the order info form and send it to us. Our designer will contact you once we receive this information.

Next, we have to layout your web site. You choose the background color, text color and font type you want on your web pages. You may have graphics of your own that you would like to use. The easiest and fastest way to do this is for you to visualize how you would like your pages and then write or type it on paper and send it to us. If you have no clue as to how your web site should look, then our expert designer can assist you.

If you know how you want your web site to be layed out, what we will need from you is an outline or drawing of some kind, written or typed, describing how your pages should be layed out including text, graphics and any links you may want to use. Graphics should be saved to a disk, either 3.5" diskette or 100mg zip disk. Also, we will need to know how you want your pages linked plus links to other web sites or email (your email address). Include other web sites exact addresses. If address is case sensitive, be careful to write or type them correctly on your outline. You do not need to print your graphics onto your layout. Just type or write the name of the graphic, such as graphic.jpg, in the position that you want it on your page. If you want text to wrap around the graphic, remember to mention it on the layout.


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